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Simulation & Optimization
OZONO strongly believes in using simulation and optimization technologies, combined with a powerful execution environment, to provide organizations and individuals with intelligent alternative solutions, grounded on solid operational data.

OZONO Service Suite provides out-of-the-box optimized scheduling and rescheduling capabilities, allowing customers to gain operational efficiency through a better resource allocation. OZONO's proprietary optimization algorithms can be heavily customized to the specific characteristics of the context, structure and business processes of each organization, and fine tuned to adapt to the organization's overall business strategy and specific operational tactics. OZONO's optimization technology relies on advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques and algorithms, adapted to the reality of corporate operational environments, and implemented with highly efficient components, to allow a near-real time usage.
Simulation capabilities are present throughout OZONO's product lines, providing customers with the possibility to explore alternative scenarios, and take decisions that are grounded on factual data and the operational reality. OZONO initially applied simulation technology to the OZONO Service Suite, but is now pushing the boundaries of simulation, and taking it all the way to the consumer market with groundbreaking services like uMETER.