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Multichannel User Interaction
Allowing individuals to collaborate within a common set of activities and work towards shared goals demands constant interaction, at any time and any place. OZONO products provide a highly flexible user interface that makes it easy for people to access information and system functions using any type of device, from anywhere, at any time.

Relying on the unparalleled capabilities of TEKEVER's MORE technology platform, OZONO products provide users with a wide set of interface alternatives, that range from Web and Mobile Web portals, to Mobile applications for all major types of Smartphones (including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices), to advanced messaging interfaces (including automatically sending and receiving SMS and interfacing with the system through MSN, Google Talk, Skype or any SIP compatible IM Client).
The OZONO Service Suite leverages the MORE technology platform to provide field workers with a complete set of tools that help them to follow procedures and execute complex tasks in a more efficient and effective way, while maintaining the rest of the organization constantly updated towards process evolution. OZONO Service Suite's Multichannel capabilities allow customers to choose the type or types of devices that are more appropriate for each person, eliminating the traditional device compatibility barriers. OZONO customers have an unparalleled freedom to choose which devices should be used to support their field operations, and even use multiple types of devices simultaneously, without additional financial or operational impact.