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Process Management
OZONO products are designed for the highest reliability, constant evolution and to work within a potentially complex system landscape. The OZONO Service Suite relies on the unparalleled capabilities of TEKEVER's MORE technology platform, following a Business Process Management and Execution approach. This inherent characteristic of the OZONO Service Suite provides customers with an unparalleled capability to adapt the organization's own reality, business processes and workflow, and constantly evolve with low cost and high reliability.

Following a BPM approach makes the OZONO Service Suite perfect for managing, tracking and controlling all activities carried by the organization in the office and on the field. Within the OZONO Service Suite, every function and activity is managed in the context of a business process, and all data exchanged is enriched process context data, allowing users to have more accurate and useful information to perform their tasks.

The process-oriented nature of the OZONO Service Suite is also highly beneficiary to identify potential sources of process optimization and organizational evolution. Top managers are provided with accurate process execution data and process-oriented KPI information, allowing them to identify the major opportunities to improve the organization, and quickly evolve towards higher efficiency and effectiveness.