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uMETER at a glance
uMETER is a revolutionary service that combines cutting edge communication and user interaction technologies to promote energy consumption optimization. uMETER provides consumers with detailed energy consumption information in a simple and user-friendly way. uMETER services include a wide set of tools designed to help consumers adjust their consumption habits in costs and reduce their carbon footprint.
To assure a ubiquitous and universal access to services, uMETER is available from any computer or cellphone, through fixed or mobile internet access, or by installing mobile applications dedicated to major types of Smarphones. Consumers can also access uMETER services through major social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, sharing their energy consumption information and promoting energy efficiency, savings and environmental protection.

Accessible from the internet or through a wireless direct connection to the households smart meter, uMETER will be available to any household, at anytime, anywhere, with extreme convenience and low cost.

uMETER is a service designed for all, for a better tomorrow.

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