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OZONO Service Suite
OZONO Service Suite (OSS) provides service organizations with a complete solution for optimizing field resource usage while increasing customer service efficiency. OSS is based on a unique architecture that combines the precision of Business Process Management with the flexibility of a full Multichannel Architecture, providing unprecedented control and efficiency to the organization. The OZONO Service Suite supports the entire service delivery process, from scheduling and dispatching, to execution and monitoring, and operational and strategic analysis, in a fully integrated and process-oriented manner.

The unique Multichannel Architecture of the OZONO Service Suite enables a reduced investment in device acquisition and maintenance, while providing the unparalleled capability to choose the most appropriate devices for each type of service and team and simply use them all simultaneously. TEKEVERs MORE Platform (Model Once Run EverywhereTM) is compatible with all major types of computing platforms, including Windows, Linux, OS/X, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Google Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices. Without compatibility or portability issues, and the lifetime commitment to be compatible with the continuous evolution of mobile computing platforms, WFM eliminates the traditional device barriers, allowing organizations to embrace mobility without cumbersome technology limitations and investments.
OZONOs Mobile Workforce Management solution has several unique differentiators from other market solutions, bringing unique value to service organizations:

Fully process-oriented architecture that enables the graphical adaption or modeling of service order workflows;
Truly Multichannel Architecture, supporting the use of any kind of device and guaranteeing continuous compatibility with new devices, versions and platforms;
More than one hundred out-of-the-box, confi gurable workflows supporting common types of outage, maintenance and commercial service orders;
Reality-proven solution, with a unique track record in achieving cost reductions, increased efficiency and higher service levels.