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Main features
The OZONO Service Suite provides end-to-end operational support for service organizations, offering a wide set of processes and high-configurable features:

 Rich, Mobile, Location-aware User Interaction
Smart client applications COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR TYPES OF MOBILE COMPUTING PLATFORMS, including Windows, Linux, OS/X, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Google Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices

EMBEDDED GEO AND TIME-TAGGING, logging communication of every field action, enabling real time control and highly detailed analysis

Full integration with major specialized and general purpose MAPPING SYSTEMS, including Google Maps and Microsoft Mappoint, for geographical information exploitation and registration

Integration with best of breed navigation products, such as TomTom, enabling MORE EFFICIENT STREET-LEVEL ROUTING, maximizing prevision capabilities, and minimizing user text input

 Designed for drastically improving productivity and intelligence
Fully configurable SLA and KPI realtime monitoring, with event driven, COLOR-CODE USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACES

Out-of-the-box Business Process Intelligence tools for process-oriented MULTIPLE LEVEL DATA ANALYSIS

Powerful skill management tool designed for assuring continuous update based on SERVICE EXECUTION HISTORY

MANUAL, ASSISTED OR FULLY AUTOMATED SCHEDULING AND RE-SCHEDULING MODES, providing users with complete control and flexibility according to each specific situation

Intelligent web-based Scheduling, Dispatching, Real-time monitoring and Analysis interfaces, providing advanced data handling tools with HASSLE zFREE DEPLOYMENT and maintenance procedures

 Fully configurable, flexible and field-proven
Over one hundred PRE-PACKAGED SERVICE ORDERS TYPES AND WORKFLOWS, to be used out-of-the-box, or easily adapted and customized through a fully graphical modeling interface

MULTIPLE DISPATCHING MODES, designed to minimize effort: Unit vs. Bulk Orders; Time vs. Space orientation; Order vs. Team focus

Fully configurable PERSONNEL TIMESHEETS, INCLUDING SUPPORTFOR SHIFT PLANNING and teams with variable composition

Extremely FLEXIBLE SUPPORT FOR MULTIPLE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE MODELS, including outsourcing and multiple subcontract service provider levels

Simultaneous multi-lingual support with easily accessible TRANSLATION MECHANISMS

 Robust, highly scalable and secure technology platform
Secure and optimized communication protocols, designed to minimize costs and IMPROVE USER EXPERIENCE

OUT OF THE BOX INTEGRATION with major Maintenance, Commercial, Service and GIS systems

COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS AND JAVA PLATFORMS, and with major database suppliers including Oracle and Microsoft